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Casting Call Assignment 2

Sim Blood – Episode 1 – Vampires among us
The Coven has learned that Vampires are living amongst them. They also know that this is not the way things were meant to be and the Vampires must move on to their afterlife. A battle is coming, and Hye Su (Sun) is the chosen one to end it. Hye Su must gain the power of their previous leader, who was coincidently murdered by a Vampire by the name of Solomon. In order to do this they must summon that power from the grave of their previous leader, Shay. In doing so Hye Su will have the strength to fight against the undead. Is Hye Su destined to win this battle, or will the coven have to use this power to protect their kind until they depart the world as they know it?

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Go Goth tutorial

I also made my first tutorial. If you want to make your photo’s look like this but don’t know how click the photo to get to the tutorial.

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More photos!

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So yesterday I had lots of fun with photo’s. I have a folder set up at Simatography so just click on the folder cover below.

For this post I will share Sun Kyo photo’s. the first two go with her background for casting call. Remember how she was a singer? well here are her singer posters.

I also made a watercolor on for the fun of it.

I have made a few more if you want to check out the folder, I will post those later tonight or tomorrow.

I had a day of photoshop, I haven’t done that in awhile! It was really fun though.

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Casting Call assignment 1 – Sims Big Bang Theory

Casting Call assignment 1 – Sims Big Bang Theory – Episode 1 – Suitcase in danger

Bae Kwon and her room mate Alicia May meet the new guy in their apartment complex, Guy Miller a physics professor that is not only good looking but in need of their assistance.

“Who is knocking at the door?” Bae asks Alicia.
“I don’t know, they must have knocked at least twenty times in the last 30 seconds though.” Alicia responds while grabbing her bowl of mac n cheese.
Bae opens the door to find the new neighbor.
“Why did it take you so long to answer?” Guy yells.
*Bae steps back in fear*
“Please do not vociferate at me. What is the emergency?” Bae responds.
“The elevater is out and I left my suitcase in it.” Guy says.
“The elevater is out.. not again…” Alicia says.
* The group goes to the elevater to try to open it back up with no luck, after several attempts they all pant in exhaustion, giving up. Now sitting on the floor breathing deep*
“Well guess that’s that” Bae says between deep breathes.
“Guess so, my names Guy by the way.” Guy pants.
“Bae and Alicia, nice to meet you.” Bae responds.
CUT! **DIRECTOR: “ok we need a little more struggle, heavier breathes and more panting for the elevater scene, great job on the beginning everyone.”

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Casting Call!

Simatography is having a new challenge! This is going to be so fun! I got my sim ready to go, boy I just hope my Korean sim is up to par lol. here she is…

Meet Sun Kyo

Sun, age 28, is a recently divorced Korean pop star who doesn’t want to go back. After a 3 year struggling marriage her career was torn apart by the tabloids. She kicked her husband to the curb and isn’t looking back.

Instead of trying to recover her previous life, she moved to Starlight Shores in hopes to start a new one. Staying with the arts she wants to become an actress in a country that most wont know her name. She is eager to find a role and get started on her new path.

Also Magazine with SIFF winners announcements should be out soon! I will get a post up as soon as it hits the magazine racks.

Want to join casting call? check it out here for more details! 

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Raw Photo alert!

So Showtime is very fast paced it seems! I moved out of Bridgeport back to Twinbrooke just for life to slow down for my little sims! haha Time to move on a suppose. My sims is enjoying being a singer, it has been interesting learning all the new stuff and I have a completely unedited photo to share. This is her first time singing, sorry lighting isn’t great.

I have since changed a bit about her and her outfit, but so far it has been pretty fun. I just hope I can learn all the new stuff quickly, and let her slow down a little (that requires me not to be so excited and running her ragged just to try as much as I can in a short period of time haha).

SIFF films premiered yesterday! I have watched several videos already and I gotta tell ya this season’s voting is going to be tough! Anyhoo off to make me some dinner! Happy Simming everyone!

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