Casting Call Assignment 2

02 May

Sim Blood – Episode 1 – Vampires among us
The Coven has learned that Vampires are living amongst them. They also know that this is not the way things were meant to be and the Vampires must move on to their afterlife. A battle is coming, and Hye Su (Sun) is the chosen one to end it. Hye Su must gain the power of their previous leader, who was coincidently murdered by a Vampire by the name of Solomon. In order to do this they must summon that power from the grave of their previous leader, Shay. In doing so Hye Su will have the strength to fight against the undead. Is Hye Su destined to win this battle, or will the coven have to use this power to protect their kind until they depart the world as they know it?

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Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Photo's, Simatography


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