Casting Call assignment 1 – Sims Big Bang Theory

29 Apr

Casting Call assignment 1 – Sims Big Bang Theory – Episode 1 – Suitcase in danger

Bae Kwon and her room mate Alicia May meet the new guy in their apartment complex, Guy Miller a physics professor that is not only good looking but in need of their assistance.

“Who is knocking at the door?” Bae asks Alicia.
“I don’t know, they must have knocked at least twenty times in the last 30 seconds though.” Alicia responds while grabbing her bowl of mac n cheese.
Bae opens the door to find the new neighbor.
“Why did it take you so long to answer?” Guy yells.
*Bae steps back in fear*
“Please do not vociferate at me. What is the emergency?” Bae responds.
“The elevater is out and I left my suitcase in it.” Guy says.
“The elevater is out.. not again…” Alicia says.
* The group goes to the elevater to try to open it back up with no luck, after several attempts they all pant in exhaustion, giving up. Now sitting on the floor breathing deep*
“Well guess that’s that” Bae says between deep breathes.
“Guess so, my names Guy by the way.” Guy pants.
“Bae and Alicia, nice to meet you.” Bae responds.
CUT! **DIRECTOR: “ok we need a little more struggle, heavier breathes and more panting for the elevater scene, great job on the beginning everyone.”

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