Casting Call!

15 Apr

Simatography is having a new challenge! This is going to be so fun! I got my sim ready to go, boy I just hope my Korean sim is up to par lol. here she is…

Meet Sun Kyo

Sun, age 28, is a recently divorced Korean pop star who doesn’t want to go back. After a 3 year struggling marriage her career was torn apart by the tabloids. She kicked her husband to the curb and isn’t looking back.

Instead of trying to recover her previous life, she moved to Starlight Shores in hopes to start a new one. Staying with the arts she wants to become an actress in a country that most wont know her name. She is eager to find a role and get started on her new path.

Also Magazine with SIFF winners announcements should be out soon! I will get a post up as soon as it hits the magazine racks.

Want to join casting call? check it out here for more details! 

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Posted by on April 15, 2012 in Photo's, Simatography


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