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I have a surprise in store for everyone here! A few weeks ago I was sent a message from Sims 3. They asked me to do a community blog for SIFF and I was in shock temporarily! It was very difficult to get all that I wanted in and still make it look professional, like a true promotional advertiser.  Since getting involved with Simatography I have been around amazing people and talent. And SIFF is a huge deal that breaks the barriers and shows that talent. I sat down writing this blog, thinking to myself there is so much I want to say but I needed to keep the focus on SIFF since we had just released the videos for this season. Luckily they gave me a few things to touch base on and keep me on track. I have never been so nervous to hit “confirm” on a blog post in my life. I am so honored to have been invited to do a community blog, and now it’s out there and I hope that we see newcomers joining in on the fun that Simatography has to offer. check out the community blog when you get a chance, and feel free to leave me a comment about what you thought.

thank you so much Sims 3 for allowing me to do it! ok now got to get some coffee and shake off all the nervousness and enjoy the excitement that I have going on inside me!

Happy Simming everyone! and have a wonderful week!


Raw Photo alert!

So Showtime is very fast paced it seems! I moved out of Bridgeport back to Twinbrooke just for life to slow down for my little sims! haha Time to move on a suppose. My sims is enjoying being a singer, it has been interesting learning all the new stuff and I have a completely unedited photo to share. This is her first time singing, sorry lighting isn’t great.

I have since changed a bit about her and her outfit, but so far it has been pretty fun. I just hope I can learn all the new stuff quickly, and let her slow down a little (that requires me not to be so excited and running her ragged just to try as much as I can in a short period of time haha).

SIFF films premiered yesterday! I have watched several videos already and I gotta tell ya this season’s voting is going to be tough! Anyhoo off to make me some dinner! Happy Simming everyone!

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SIFF Promo video done.

After having lots of technical issues I finally got the video done! Now I am going to sit down and enjoy Showtime. I can’t wait to get in and start taking some photo’s and getting a sim on stage. I get a little break before we start the staff side of SIFF.

All movies are to be released tomorrow which means getting out the popcorn and watching a lot of videos.   For now I will leave you with my promotional for SIFF, hope you all enjoy!

Keep an eye out for all the videos for SIFF this year at the Simatography Youtube as well. The polls will start going up for viewers choice soon after all the videos are up at Simatography so don’t miss it!\

Another helpful link to keep you updated with SIFF is at the Sims3 forums. CLICK HERE to view that 🙂

That’s all I have for now, time to get in game and avoid the world for awhile haha.

Happy Simming everyone!

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