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Ok so I don’t know about all of you but I just love making cupcakes! So I am going to share some with my simmy friends hehe. I made these for a pot luck and not one made it back home with me. Thank goodness because I am trying to lose weight not gain more! Here’s how they turned out!

Chai Cupcake recipe found at The Novice Chef

for the mint chocolate I cheated I used Duncan Hines Chocolate cupcake box mix, with a layer of ganache and took the buttercream frosting recipe from the novice chef omitted vanilla and chai and used 1/4 tsp (maybe a little more) mint extract instead. Worked out really well!

Happy Simming everyone, enjoy a cupcake here and there!


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Still here!

I have been struggling with the video for SIFF. Life events have been hitting pretty hard lately, I am going in full force next week to finish itĀ up. Going to end up leaving it fairly basic but fun. I still need lots of practice to get where I want to be with making video’s. I will get there though. First thing is to finish the current one and then I am going to take a little down time to just play the game again. I will be getting the script together for the next SIFF film I would like to do, and some other things I will be doing to help with the next issue of Simatography Magazine. Happy Simming everyone!

Promotional photo

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SIFF Video is coming along!

Been working hard making a video for SIFF. It will be short, but at least it will be something. I have been learning a lot about video editing software in the last couple of weeks, and getting use to using it. I have a lot of practice work to do but my film is coming together for this round. Next round I want to do a full length. Which basically means as soon as this one is done I will be starting on getting everything ready for next SIFF. I also have the official studio intro film made woohoo! I will be introducing “Simory Lane Studio” for not only my photo’s but film stuff as well. It will basically become my multimedia logo. Speaking of which, I think I will be updating the Simory Lane Studio tab to have thumbnails to my photo’s instead of to the slideshow. I will work on that more after I get my video done. That’s all the news I have for now! Happy Simming!

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Featured Artist

So yesterday I found a nice surprise on my Sims3 page. I am finally a Featured Artist on the TS3 website! The build that got me there was the Red Carpet Venue I made for SIFF photo shoots. Thank You SimGuruHydra!

I also wanted to put a note here that working with Simatography has been an amazing experience. I really do love the staff and the creative outlet I get from being a part of it. When SIFF comes we get to see such amazing talent and fun new videos come to life. I encourage anyone who has ever wanted to do sim photo’s machinima, or story telling to go to the site and give it a try. There are so many wonderful people there, and they don’t care how experienced or inexperienced you may be.

Speaking of SIFF, time to get back to work! stop on by

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