Simmertainment’s back with a brand new blog!

23 Jan

I wanted to restart Simmertainment with a fresh new feel. This blog will not only be to showcase my work, but also to share things that are going on with me and my experiences. I will be using more of the tabs options to show what I am doing, and I would like to add some tutorials along the way. The blog is currently under construction as I figure out how to use everything here at wordpress. I should have everything up and where it needs to be in the next week or two. Thanks for stopping in, and feel free to comment. Let me know what you think, and any thing I should add along the way. Happy Simming!

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One response to “Simmertainment’s back with a brand new blog!

  1. love4ot

    January 23, 2012 at 10:58 AM

    Hello My Dear Lady,

    The renovations are looking very attractive and I love the style you have chosen. It really fits your fun personality. I am a big fan of yours and remember you WILL decorate my home in the next two years, so you better start those classes (you don’t need much actually as you’re already amazing to me in so many ways!).

    I look forward to being able to see your many creations here and when their coming along (sometimes in a very funny way 🙂 ).


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